Monday, October 14

8:15am CDT

Mini Internships to Expand the Math Educator Pipeline 2315Valorie Zonnefeld Number Talks in the K-5 Classroom (V) 1339Tamara Bane • William Kearney #Mathgals and Empowering Our Girls 1353Deidra Baker • Vicki Hamdorf Developing Collective Efficacy: Together Educators Powerfully Impacting Student Outcomes 2321Sharon Renden Making Math Happen for All Students 2311Elizabeth Hughes • Sam Eskelson Now is the Time: Personalize Your Staff's Math PD (Vendor) 1341Deborah Cleveland • Rob Brookhart The Exploding Dots Tour From Elementary to High School Mathematics! 1506Sunil Singh Building Student Self-Assessment Tools 2313Dana Bates MTSS While Using Counting Collections 1327Christine Bartels • Cassandra Farley Jump In with IM (Illustrative Math) 1343Morgan Stipe Using Geogebra Resources to Foster Active, Student Centered Learning 1335Timothy Brzezinski Creating Digital Breakouts with Google 2312Caitlin Sulentic Equity Doesn’t Just Happen: It Takes Everyone to Create the Climate! 1319Dr. Comfort Akwaji-Anderson What Do Iowa Teachers Say About Teaching and Learning Mathematics?: Results and Implications from a Statewide Teacher Survey (Repeated Sessions 5 & 6) 1313Robert Keller • Eric Hart • Judity Spitzli Implementing the 5 Practices to Orchestrate a Productive Math Discussion in the Middle School Classroom 1316Gabby Granadillo • Becky Thorson Building Rational Number Sense through "The Grapes of Math" and More! 1317Rebecca Robichaux-Davis Do You DESMOS? Using DESMOS Activities to Facilitate Productive Conversations & Deepen Student Learning 1311Jessica Breur Math Centers- It's Not Just for Elementary Students! 2319Brooke Sullivan Yikes, They Still Can't Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide Integers! (V) 1333Cheryl Krafka Exploring a Standard Algorithmic Problem from a Model and Data Science Perspective. 1315Shannon McLaughlin

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Working Flexibly with Numbers: Activities and Ways to Assess Fact Fluency 1341Kristin Grotewold Best Practices from Recipients of the I.O.W.A. STEM Teacher Award 1321Carrie Rankin Math Recess: Playing with Numbers and Playing with Problems 1506Sunil Singh Meaningful Writing In A K-5 Mathematics Classroom...Sounds Awesome, But How Do We Do It? 1353Michelle Jacobsen Triangle Congruence Theorems: Developing Reasoning Through Informal Arguments 2343Brooke Krejci Using Technology to Develop Discourse in the High School Math Classroom 1319Michael Fenton IM (Illustrative Math): Year 2 and Beyond! 1343Morgan Stipe Introduction to the Desmos Graphing Calculator 1311Jessica Breur New to You Desmos Features 1327Anna Scholl Using Graphing Calculator & Geometry Apps to Discover and Assess 1335Timothy Brzezinski Incorporating Rich Mathematical Tasks in the Classroom 1317John Butz • Jo Mort • Mary Kling How Can Prime Numbers Help us Learn Fractions, GCF, LCM? 1339Teresa Finken Effective Co-Teaching Strategies in the Math Classroom 1349Laura Scott • Sarah Groves Fun with Procedural Fluency - the 24game 1316Tony Morrow Restructuring your Math Block 1314Scott Berg • Leigh Cliburn • Hannah Dillon The Arc of Arithmetic to Algebra (V) 2313Elizabeth Peyser, CA Questing Across Time & Space Utilizing Problem-Solving 2311Leslie Haas • Michelle Metzger Ready Player Too: Mathematics of Cooperative Board Games 2321Bill Wood • Brian Townsend Big Numbers For The Little Ones 2317Angie Bonthuis Taking Action to Impact Student Learning 2312Deb Little • Sandra Ubben

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