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Monday, October 14

8:15am CDT

Number Talks in the K-5 Classroom (V)
Number Talks in the K-5 Elementary Classroom - short discussions among a teacher and students about how to solve a particular mental math problem. The focus is not on the correct answer, but on all the possible methods of finding the answer. Each student has a chance to explain their method, and everyone else will learn from other people's methods! This is just a Place Holder


Tamara Bane

Wintersett CSD
avatar for William Kearney

William Kearney

Account Executive, McGraw-Hill
Worked for 7 years as an ELL teacher in South Korea - 1 year as an EL Instructor at Muscatine Community College - while studying for MBA - 7 years in Education Technology with HMH before joining MHE in 2011. Have been covering the K-6 grades for Iowa for last 6 years

Monday October 14, 2019 8:15am - 9:00am CDT

11:00am CDT

Iowa Online Math Deliberate Practice Competition for K-8 - Free - Through July, 2020
Recent brain research proves that when you believe you CAN do math, you will learn more from your mistakes than if you believe you aren’t good at math. How do you have students persist in their practice to develop and maintain fluency without drills that kill confidence so as to preserve a math mindset? We’ll examine a number of ways including fun games, playing with numbers & patterns, student agency, providing multiple entry points, many different ways of practicing, goal setting and tracking, rewarding fruitful effort over skill,  friendly competition, integrating practice with short instruction videos, procedural fluency and more. See how students enjoy deliberate practice while building mental math and Computational Thinking with First in Math. FREE whole schools of attendees - through July!


Tony Morrow

First in Math

Monday October 14, 2019 11:00am - 11:45am CDT

12:30pm CDT

Working Flexibly with Numbers: Activities and Ways to Assess Fact Fluency
Come learn new ways to help students learn their facts. Ideas and resources will be provided to help students think more flexibly about numbers, as well as ways to assess their fact fluency.

avatar for Kristin Grotewold

Kristin Grotewold

Instructional Coach, Waukee Schools

Monday October 14, 2019 12:30pm - 1:15pm CDT

12:30pm CDT

Fun with Procedural Fluency - the 24game
Experience pattern sensing, problem-solving, higher-level thinking and even procedural fluency in a challenge rather than drills with the 24® game. We'll compete like the students to do multi-step mental math, from basic addition through Algebra and discuss ways to get your students excited about doing math in their heads!  Free 30th anniversary 24® game for attendees! 


Tony Morrow

First in Math

Monday October 14, 2019 12:30pm - 2:00pm CDT

12:30pm CDT

Restructuring your Math Block
Our team has teachers from multiple elementary schools in Bettendorf from multiple grades (K-5) and each will be sharing the ways in which they structure their math block. Our focus will be on differentiating math centers, number talks, 3 act tasks, hands on activities/games, and the inclusion of technology.

avatar for Scott Berg

Scott Berg

Instructional Technology Coach, BCSD
This is my 3rd year as a coach after teaching 5th grade for 8 years and Title One reading for 3 years. I am very excited about the path our teachers are on wherein they are transforming traditional teaching methods to more progressive. Can't wait to share all our ideas with you.Here... Read More →
avatar for Leigh Cliburn

Leigh Cliburn

Teacher, Mark Twain Elementary
I am a 5th grade teacher at Mark Twain Elementary. I spent 15 years teaching in Mississippi before moving to the Quad Cities. I am an avid reader and hoarder of books.
avatar for Hannah Dillon

Hannah Dillon

K- 5 Curriculum & Professional Development Leader
This is my first year as a district leader, serving in the Bettendorf Community School District as a K- 5 Curriculum and Professional Development Leader. Previously, I've taught in 3rd and 5th grade in the Bettendorf CSD. I love working with teachers and students! Outside of my... Read More →

Monday October 14, 2019 12:30pm - 2:00pm CDT

12:30pm CDT

The Arc of Arithmetic to Algebra (V)
How is “subitizing” connected to algebra? Join us to investigate the coherence in the K-HS progression that links decomposition of number with area models and algebraic expressions. Participants will use a variety of manipulatives and tools (including algebra tiles), and receive math lessons showcasing the connections.


Elizabeth Peyser

National Director, Content and Implementation, Curriculum Associates

Monday October 14, 2019 12:30pm - 2:00pm CDT

2:30pm CDT

Number Lines as Visual Learning Tools
This session will focus on helping students visualize sequences, demonstrate strategies, and develop numbers flexibility through the use of number lines.

avatar for Michelle Metzger

Michelle Metzger

Assistant Professor of STEM Education-Math, Buena Vista University
My educational experiences include working as a classroom teacher, adjunct professor, professional development facilitator, research coordinator, and department chair. Research interests include spatial thinking, problem solving, critical thinking, and STEM learning. I would enjoy... Read More →

Monday October 14, 2019 2:30pm - 3:15pm CDT

2:30pm CDT

Supporting Fraction Sense and Making Sense of Fraction Computation
Over the past several years fractions, as a topic in school mathematics, have received a great deal of attention.  Growing research evidence indicates that the majority of students enter middle school with a limited understanding of fractions and, as a result, struggle with much of the mathematics content in middle school and beyond.  There is a strong positive correlation between students' understanding of fractions and their overall success in mathematics.  According to the final report of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel, understanding fractions is a "foundation skill essential to success in algebra."
In this session, we will investigate the essential understandings of fractions as numbers - partitioning, comparing, ordering, equivalence.  Because understanding fractions as numbers are central to help students calculate with accuracy, efficiency, and understanding, we will also investigate flexible and meaningful strategies for fraction computation.

avatar for Amy Keller

Amy Keller

Educational Consultant - Mathematics, Grant Wood AEA
Anything and everything mathematics. If I don't have a comment or response, I will get back to you!

Monday October 14, 2019 2:30pm - 3:15pm CDT