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David Schuler

U.S. Census Bureau
Data Dissemination Specialist Data Dissemination & Training Branch Customer Liaison and Marketing Service Office U.S. Census Bureau
David is a Data Dissemination Specialist, US Commerce
Department, Bureau of Census. David is one of 20 in a Bureau of
17000, engaging citizens and connecting them with Census
business, economic, trade and demographic data. He teaches
workshops and presentations to data users on how to use Census
data tools to mine government data. This high-quality data
supports business plans, grant opportunities, and critical discussion
making. David is based St. Charles Illinois and outreaches to the
citizens, business, governments and Tribal Nations in Iowa,
Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.
Prior to joining the Census Bureau, David, an entrepreneur at
heart, owned an IT Business consulting practice and was active in
his local Chamber of Commerce. David worked in IT infrastructure
engineering for the global private sector businesses GE and DuPont. In an Executive IT Management
role, he led an enterprise team at Blackhawk a transport & logistics firm and in Technical Management
at Internet pioneer, Spyglass.
David holds an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management and BS in Electronic Systems from
Southern Illinois University. David is a Marine Corps veteran with 10 Years of active service to our